Tax me more, please!

Some liberal, progressive, Democrat or lefty– whatever description he or she chooses — has been sending me mail to try to persuade me to join the radical progressive movement. I just received this one, in which a group of minimum-waged actors apparently read their scripts for the video link below. The group involved in funding this effort is The Agenda Project, founded by Erica Payne and George Soros. This video is supposed to persuade the wealthy to pay over and above their tax schedules.
My suggestion to my fellow conservatives is to organize meetings giving rich progressives the opportunity to donate to the IRS in order to set the example for others to do the same. Let them lead the way in not waiting for legislation to force them to pay higher taxes. Give them the opportunity to pay above their tax rate right now! Surely, liberals will put their money into the federal coffers without being required to do so. They would want to redistribute their wealth to those less fortunate.
So all we have to do is set the meeting dates, announce the purpose of the events and wait to see the long lines of these eager “low-taxed” wealthy progressives fight to hand over their hard-earned cash to the government. Good Luck!



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