Crowd more interesting than speeches at Republican Lobsterfest

The Palm Beach County Republican Party’s annual Lobsterfest extravaganza was another big success, with 271 tickets sold and attendees dining on succulent South African lobster tails at The Beach Club on Palm Beach on Thursday. Those in the crowd seemed more interested in talking to one another than listening to the perfunctory speeches given by candidates and elected officials, none of whom offered any truly memorable moments in their largely boilerplate comments. That’s par for the course for an off-year political event held three days after the Fourth of July, but it was a pleasant evening nonetheless.

In the Republican primary for U.S. Senate, only former Florida Rep. Adam Hasner and Col. Mike McCalister spoke live. Former U.S. Sen. George Lemieux and Florida Senate President Mike Haridopolos had other commitments, although Haridopolos sent a video welcome. The video wasn’t played, but it is included below.


Hasner, who seemed to be doing his level best to impersonate Robert Wexler by shouting his entire speech, was first up in the U.S. Senate portion of the evening. 

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Speakers were limited to two minutes, but Hasner went way beyond that, earning a good-natured rebuke from Palm Beach County Republican Party Chairman Sid Dinerstein. 

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 Senate President Haridopolos welcome video 

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Long-shot Senate candidate Mike McCalister’s speech.   

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As you can see, pretty staid stuff, the kind you’d expect from most political speeches. You had to be among the crowd of attendees to appreciate the real fun of the evening. Look for our follow-up photo post, coming soon, for some glimpses of the evening’s festivities.


Jack Furnari


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