Arnold’s Ramblings 7-5-2011

The Republicans and Democrats are discussing a short term agreement on the debt ceiling, which has two very bad effects: first, a short term resolution will not […]

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At the crossroads of political war

Florida’s voters stand at a crossroads. You, me, and everyone else in this state, even this country, face a crisis moment of truth, a future-defining juncture. I […]

Rising terror, falling sky

“I’ve seen the lights go out on Broadway, I watched the mighty skyline fall.” Billy Joel, “Miami 2017” On June 30, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton formally recognized the Muslim […]

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Obama gathers posse – Jews fight back

We know President Barack Obama is a tenacious fighter. He came into office like a souped-up Mike Tyson and felled all in his path with his relentless assault. Congress […]

Fiscal responsibility not as foreign to government as some may think

Florida, like many states, is suffering as a result of misdeeds that led to the real estate market’s downward spiral. But the blame for our current economic […]