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Dr. Obama And The Negative Amortization Diet

By George Noga

Let’s take a corpulent patient, Uncle Sam, to illustrate how the Obama diet really works.

For many years prior to 2001 Uncle Sam’s weight was fairly steady at 150 pounds. From 2001 to 2008 Sam’s weight was on a continuous upward trajectory and he tipped the scales at 260 pounds at the end of 2008. From that point forward Uncle Sam’s weight has ballooned to 480 pounds and he becomes rotund each year.

Rocking with Rocco

A big thank you to local phenom Rocco Mangelof Rocco’s Tacos for making BizPac’s premiere videotaping review party fun-filled and fabulous. With an hour-and-half wait for a […]

Arnold’s Ramblings 7-29-2011

The president and congressional leaders – both Democrats and Republicans — are pointing fingers at each other regarding the debt ceiling. When will someone in Washington, D.C., […]

Micromanaging our military

One of my former high school classmates signs off her es with the words, “America … Home of the free, BECAUSE of the brave.” I always smile […]

BizPac Review
Political correctness will kill us!

When I try to have a peaceful, non-political chat with my liberal, leftist acquaintances, whydoes it always end up with them shouting and cursing at me about […]

WPB to PBC: Don’t raise taxes!

Earlier this month, the West Palm Beach City Commission voted unanimously to hold its tax rate steady for the next budget year. On Monday, the commission adopted […]

Demarest : The Birth of the Computer Mouse

The computer mouse celebrated its 40th birthday on Dec. 9, 2008. Its inventor was Doug Engelbart, a researcher at the Stanford Research Institute. While at a computer […]

BizPac Review
Why do Jews still support Obama?

I’ve been puzzled ever since Obama first started campaigning for president. Why do Jews support him? It cannot be their for learning influenced by his great […]

The Atlanta Public Schools cheating scandal: Implications for Florida?

The Atlanta Public Schools cheating scandal grabbed national attention as the largest in U.S. history. The Atlanta Journal Constitution revealed the results of a 10-month investigation by […]

Join BizPac Review party at Rocco’s Tacos

The Dish, Bizpac Review writers, and friends of invite you to join us onFriday, July 29for a fun-filled event and video production featuring a local phenomenon, […]

Why I’m a social conservative

Anyone who knows me longer than five minutes realizes that, although I’m a fiscal conservative to the core, I tend keep my opinion on social issues to […]

Criminal Justice Commission seeks to dodge Sunshine Law

During a presentation at the Palm Beach County Commission meeting on Tuesday, the Criminal Justice Commission prompted a spirited debate when making recommendations on how best to […]

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