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The problem with Mitt

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On June 2, Mitt Romney announced his second run for president, which came as no surprise to anyone. Also unsurprising is the fact that the Democratic National Committee was already circling the boat like a school of ravenous sharks, waiting for him to officially jump in. When he did, they struck with the release of their “Mitt Romney Flip-Flop” ad.


Don’t get me wrong. I actually like Mitt. I voted for him in the 2008 Republican presidential primary. I admire his financial acumen, his string of business successes and his ability to get things done. These are talents he no doubt picked up from his father. The late George Romney revived American Motors when he assumed the helm of that organization. When he left AMC, the company died.


As much as I like Mitt’s “nose for business,” I hate RomneyCare! I don’t even live in Massachusetts, but I still hate RomneyCare. I’ve never used RomneyCare, and I don’t know anyone who has, but I knew it was destined for failure from the start.


I abhor any sweeping, non-free market-based government program, because I know it’s going to cost me money in the end. Experience has taught me that when the profit motive is missing from any formula, waste will prevail, efficiency will be lost and costs will skyrocket.


Because I detest RomneyCare, I’m wholly disappointed by the fact that Mitt won’t admit that the program is bankrupt and go forward from there. If he had done that in 2008, or even a year ago, I would wish his campaign well today. Instead, he continues to double-down with his “Tenth Amendment states rights” assertions and his “grand experiment” arguments. These statements ring particularly hollow when examined alongside his promise to repeal ObamaCare. The pundits aren’t buying it, the public isn’t swallowing it, and I don’t believe it.


That’s my opinion. What’s yours?



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