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Sen. Sachs shines at private town hall

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State Sen. Maria Sachs, D-Delray Beach, received a warm welcome Wednesday at the Woodfield Country Club in Boca Raton, where she was invited to speak at a private “town hall” for club members and their guests.

For homeowners in Woodfield, Sachs’ personal anecdotes and humorous stories about governing in Florida were enough to keep everyone’s attention, but what they really wanted to hear about was SB 530. This is a bill that will grant more authority to homeowners associations all over Florida, which are feeling a shared burden of concern about deadbeat owners and tenants who do not keep up with their fees. The cost then becomes the joint responsibility of those living in the community to make up for the losses. Residents were relieved to hear the hopeful update on the law awaiting Gov. Rick Scott’s signature, which was co-introduced by Sachs and scheduled to go into effect July 1, 2011. Sachs, a defense attorney with her own firm, has worked on this issue for several years now, and considers it a top priority.

As a longtime member of the Boca Raton community, the senator seems to have a true understanding of the local needs in this district. She is bringing the discussion of redistricting to the forefront, and rallying her constituents to attend a future workshop on the controversial issue. The workshop will be held later this summer in Delray Beach. Several other topics were discussed in an informal, often humorous exchange between Sachs and invited guests. Among the hottest issues: high speed rail, illegal immigration, Florida insurance rates, drug testing for welfare recipients — and a crowd favorite, Gov. Scott.

Michele Kirk


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