Eat up – its Alive!

A few years ago, if someone recommended a raw-or living-food restaurant, I would have thought they were nuts. Lately, it seems like these types of establishments are […]

The single-mom solution

“When you find yourself in a hole, stop ing.” — Will Rogers Several weeks ago, novelist and political commentatorAndrew Klavanin his biweekly commentary, “Klavan on the Culture”suggestedthat […]

Is special event staff in West Palm overpaid?

Business owners and residents were saved Monday, when the West Palm Beach City Commission meeting netted mainly pro-business votes that would also benefit taxpayers. Florida Power & […]

BizPac Review
Arnold’s Ramblings 6-28-2011

It appears that the Obama Administration in its quest to encourage employers to hire employees has come up with a brilliant new plan. It seems the […]

American Red Cross Community Courage Awards

Once a year, the American Red Cross invites the community to an awards luncheon to honor ordinary people who have stepped up in heroic ways to help […]

How old is Burt Aaronson, really?

I remember years ago, when the phrase “aging communist leader” was used all the time. Since communist leaders in China and the Soviet Union only left office […]

BizPac Review
We need entrepreneurs, not meatheads

Why don’t local high schools, colleges, and universities teach students how to run a business before they jump into the work world? Schools teach business components, like […]

An American Caesar

“The Imperial Presidency” was written in 1973 out ofArthur Schlesinger’sconcern that the U.S. presidency had exceeded its constitutional limitations. If Schlesinger were merely concerned in 1973, he’d […]

BizPac Review
John R. Smith interviews George LeMieux

The Republican primary for the U.S. Senate race is taking shape and forming texture. Without doubt, this is an important contest in Florida ’s political arena. Currently, […]

The County Commission Report

Palm Beach County commissionerson Tuesday tussled with a number of items that could hurt or help business in a big way. TheWage Theft Ordinancehas been a concern […]

Rep. Rooney tackles tough issues

U.S. Rep. Tom Rooney, R-Tequesta, addressed some of the most talked-about issues in the country at a town hall meeting hosted by the Republican Club of the […]

Arnold’s Ramblings 6-21-2011

Arnold has such a headache! Yesterday, Arnold foolishly watched CNBC (as usual) at about 8:00AM to see how the markets were going to open. Instead of market […]

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