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U.S. Marine Jacob Tate 1990-2011

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If you don’t know a hero in a close and personal way, and Memorial Day is an abstract observation of those who sacrificed, I would like to introduce you to one that reminds me every day of what this day is for. 

Jacob Tate is my personal hero; a fun loving, church going high school kid turned U.S. Marine, my son’s best friend, and a newlywed Dad with a gorgeous little boy. Tate had the pleasure of watching the little guy, his first, grow inside his young wife. He got to see an ultrasound picture or two, but he never got to hold his precious son, Jax. . . not even for a moment. Tate was ending a four year term in the Marine Corp. He was on his second tour of duty with about 20 days left before he would start heading home from a hard fought battle, which had already taken several lives. An IED ended this courageous 21 year old’s life in an instant and left Amy a widowed mother of Jax .


Michele Kirk


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