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Haridopolos rocks the Boca Raton Republican Club

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Considering the recent record-setting session for Republicans in the Florida Senate, an introduction was hardly needed for state Senate President Mike Haridopolos as he took the podium to address members of the Boca Raton Republican Club, their guests and multiple members of the media Thursday night.

Still, local political strategist and Boca Raton Republican Club Vice President Jack Furnari gave his usual fiery introduction anyway, saying: “I’ve watched him [Haridopolos] get things done while other politicians just strut around and talk…. Our guest tonight took the bull by the horns and passed more conservative legislation in a single session than any Senate president has ever passed in the history of the state of Florida.”
The senator celebrated the Republican victories, answered questions from the crowd and explained his dedication to long-term solutions for the tough issues that face Florida.
In his address to almost 200 attentive guests, Haridopolos praised his fellow Republican lawmakersand set an inspiring, hopeful tone for future work that needs to get done.
Michele Kirk


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