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Republicans and Democrats go Greek for charity

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Political and community leaders from both parties were happy to show the Florida Fishing Academy how they rally for an exceptional cause at a fundraising event held May 19 at the City Fish Market restaurant in Boca Raton.

The guests poured in from all over the county to help raise money for this unique charity, designed to help at-risk youth gain a sense of accomplishment and develop character through fishing. The success of the program has attracted a myriad of well-known donors, including many local political figures, area businesses and big organizations like the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation, the Marine Industries Association of Palm Beach County Inc. and U.S. Sugar.

Capt. Rich Brochu, the founder and executive director of the academy, teaches the kids to take pride in themselves, as well as the environment around them, leaving a lasting impression. He also instructs them to “pay it forward” and help others learn the value of ethical angling.

This enjoyable evening of Florida Fishing Academy supporters, appropriately surrounded by scenic water and chilled fish at the City Fish grounds, will surely translate into opportunities for many deserving kids to benefit from fishing camps and after-school programs that could change the path of their lives.

To learn more about the Florida Fishing Academy, contact Capt. Rich Brochu at 561-740-7227 or [email protected].

Photographs courtesy of Carol Porter, Stu Ulrich and Michele Kirk.
Contact Carol Porter at: 561-704-1610 or [email protected].
Michele Kirk


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