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Donald Trump is not a racist

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Take yourself back to your grade school years. Johnny and Billy are arguing on the playground. Johnny makes his point; Billy makes his counterpoint. Johnny then delivers the coup de grâce, leaving Billy speechless. Rather than extend his hand and graciously admit defeat, Billy sputters and turns red in the face before finally blurting out, “Oh yeah? Well you stink, Johnny!”

Van Jones, truther and President Obama’s former “green jobs czar,” has called on “Celebrity Apprentice” contestants Lil’ Jon and Star Jones to denounce that show’s host, Donald Trump, as a racist.

The Donald may not be my choice to carry the GOP banner in the 2012 presidential election, but that’s irrelevant. This name-calling is getting way too long in the tooth for me. The left, from nut cases like actress Janeane Garofalo all the way up to former President Jimmy Carter, has pulled the “race card” time and time again without success. It illustrates that they are wholly incapable of advancing any argument to counter those of the GOP. On the issue of ObamaCare alone, they claim that it doesn’t cover illegals, abortions, etc.; the GOP proves that it does. The Dems then claim that it won’t add to the federal deficit; the GOP proves that it will, and so on and so forth.

Having neither facts nor logic in their arsenal, they resort to the time-worn practice of grade-school name-calling. The GOP should chalk it up as a victory; it means they’ve won the argument. Name-calling is the last resort of a desperate mind — one whose position is untenable. Use of the “race card” doesn’t advance the argument. It ends it, and not in a very good way.

One would think that the election of our first African-American president should have advanced race relations throughout the country. I fear that instead, it has retarded race relations, but not through the actions of the GOP. It has done so through the members of the president’s own party.


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