Our Lives, Fortunes & Sacred Honor – All Gave Some

First Do No Harm Broadside Books

By Jason Hoyt
Central Florida Tea Party Council

In March of 2011, I was asked by Michael Patrick Leahy, founder of the popular Twitter hashtag #TCOT (Top Conservatives on Twitter), creator of the TCOT Report, and co-host of the original conference calls that launched the nationwide tea party movement, to join the Advisory Group for the new eBook series, “Voices of the Tea Party“. The series is being published by Broadside Books, a division of Harper Collins.

The goal of the series of eBooks is to document various aspects of the tea party movement from the vast experiences of actual tea party leaders. The point being, History will be written about the tea party movement — it might as well be written by those that made it happen.

The following excerpts are from my recent blog post at Broadside Books:

In 1776, 56 men committed treason by signing their names on our nation’s birth certificate when they pledged to one another “our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor.” Though surely not committing treason, their counterparts in the tea party movement today are likewise making life-altering sacrifices–of their time, their funds, and even their personal honor–for the sake of future generations.

…. Most importantly, an incredible amount of time is being spent away from our families. I hear stories of missed softball games, recitals, family reunions and even vacations. I’d like to see Broadside Books share these personal stories of sacrifice.

… Unfortunately, however, we do not represent the “money” side of the equation. In order to balance the need for votes and money, incumbent politicians play to the tea party movement for votes but oftentimes counteract that balance by placating to special interests for money. As we seek purity from our elected representatives, this formula must change.

The trend for the last few election cycles has been to encourage donors to donate straight to the candidate instead of the party. While this still may be true as political parties seem to have no intention of holding elected officials accountable, there is one more layer down that desperately needs the money. Local tea party groups across the country are draining personal funds, operating on shoestring budgets and simply going without while never reaching their potential. Patriots every day are pledging their family’s fortunes for the sake of the movement and I believe their stories need to be told.

Many in the movement have also taken courageous steps by putting their names and reputations on the line. Anita MonCrief has created an enemy in ACORN, Frantz Kebreau in his book Stolen History is challenging what we’ve learned about famous African Americans, and Catherine Engelbrecht has taken on voter fraud and been dragged through several lawsuits.

I think it’s imperative that we document and share the amazing life-altering sacrifices so many are making across the country.

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