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Dish Alert: Duffy’s on Clematis

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A friend from Boca called me a few days ago looking for a recommendation on a restaurant to meet some people.  She said they needed someplace quiet where they could talk during lunch and wondered if the new Duffy’s on Clematis Street would work.

Nothing against Duffy’s!  Believe me, I have eaten at a few of them and the food is fine.  However, it is definitely not the right place if you want quiet and/or relaxing.  I was there last week on a Tuesday night and I could barely hear myself think.  There were six of us including two kids and it was exhausting trying to hold a conversation.  Not only was the noise level high but there was constant announcements on the PA system.  Apparently, Tuesday night is Trivia Pursuit night.

It’s not a big space, so with its open space plan, low ceiling, crowded bar area and flat screen televisions covering every inch of the place– be prepared to exercise your vocal cords.

Clematis Street needs all the business it can get, especially in these times.  Duffy’s is a wonderful addition, offering decent food at prices everyone can afford.  It has been jammed since it has opened and that is a good thing.

BTW, I recommended City Cellar or Pistache.  These are probably two of the best restaurants downtown that are fairly subdued and very d’lish.


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