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From the Ronald to the Donald? Part 1

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That’s all anyone wants to talk about. Is he in? Can he win? What about Karl Rove? It never stops. Every reporter in Palm Beach County is working on the same story, Donald Trump! I’m giving my take toBizPacReview.com. I’m putting my reputation on the line. If I’m wrong, tell me. I can take it. (Please, be gentle). Here it is: Donald Trump is going to be a candidate for President of the United States. And, to quote Randy Jackson (the American Idol judge, for those of you still watching Lucy reruns): “Donald’s in it to win it.”

How do I know? First the good news. I have absolutely no inside information. Nada. Zilch. Zippo. Your guess is as good as mine, maybe. But I think I can read the tea party leaves. It stacks up like this: First,  Trump is two months and two days younger than me. I get it. It’s no longer about the next billion. It’s about the legacy, the ultimate triumph. Second,  Trump has great kids. It matters. While we were taking ours to their softball games, he was taking his to the office. They’re bright, well educated, already experienced and ready to do for their Dad what he did for his Dad. Third, Donald has a big wallet, an even bigger ego and a still bigger love for America. Game, set and match.

Your job? Blog this post. Fill it up. Let everyone know your opinion. If enough of you sign on my editors will let me do parts II, III, IV, etc. And BizPacReview.com will be Florida’s unofficial Trump journal.

From the Ronald to the Donald?

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