Arnold’s Ramblings 4-19-2011

The budget “deal” that was supposed to reduce spending by $38.5 billion apparently only reduces spending by $352 million according to the CBO (the bi-partisan Congressional Budget […]

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The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse

The New Normal: Stagnation-Unemployment-Inflation-Deficits

By George Noga
More Liberty, Less Government

For quite awhile I have been in a blue funk about the future of our country. Only in recent months have I grasped the future already is here; this is the new normal! In the Book of Revelation four horsemen appear to the apostle John, each riding a different color horse and symbolizing a different catastrophe…

BizPac Review
From the Ronald to the Donald? Part 1

That’s all anyone wants to talk about. Is he in? Can he win? What about Karl Rove? It never stops. Every reporter in Palm Beach County is working […]