Strange Fact, or Just Bananas?

If you’re an old salty dog, I am sure you have heard the superstition about bananas and fishing. If not, well, let me share it with – so you can spare yourself some heartache on your next fishing excursion. Do not bring a banana on the boat if you expect to catch a fish. And by banana, I mean anything with banana in it – banana bread, banana brownies, banana pudding, even Banana Boat sunscreen or Banana Republic surf shorts (just to be safe).

Personally, I never thought a banana had so much power. Can it really stop fish from biting? After a number of biting experiences, I am a believer. I have been out fishing for hours without a single hit on charters. Suddenly, someone brings out a banana, banana bread – once, even banana brownies! I tell them to get rid of it: “Eat it all if you have to.” A few have argued with me about, and I just say, “Trust me.” I’ve had them stuff their mouths so full, they look like chipmunks. Within five minutes, “fish on!” No kidding.

On a recent trip, before leaving the dock, I had a young female break out a banana, and she started to eat it. I told her about the superstition, and she threw the rest away. We caught around 40 fish that day, including a 35-pound Cobia. (Check out the photo above.)

So you better not bring bananas on your next fishing charter. Depending on the captain, it might be a long swim back.

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