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Tom Tillison – Blogger Of The Year Award

A dedicated and consummate writer, whose natural talent for phrasing and framing the important news of the day, Tom was honored on Tuesday for his work ethic and his unwavering integrity by the Florida Chapter of Americans For Prosperity, as the “2011 Blogger of the Year” – and for this well earned acknowledgment of our friend and associate Tom Tillison, we could not be more thrilled.

BizPac Review
Unemployment Below 9% – April Fool!

By George Noga

The media gleefully report unemployment is 8.9%. To believe that number requires a willing suspension of disbelief. It is more instructive to look at the level of employment (rather than unemployment) as that number cannot easily be massaged.

In February 2011 there were 108.3 million private sector jobs; this is lower than June 1999 when there were 108.6 million.