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Our Lives, Fortunes & Sacred Honor – All Gave Some

By Jason Hoyt

In March of 2011, I was asked by Michael Patrick Leahy, founder of the popular hashtag #TCOT (Top Conservatives on ), creator of the TCOT Report, and co-host of the original conference calls that launched the nationwide tea party movement, to join the Advisory Group for the new eBo series, “Voices of the Tea Party”.

The series is being published by Broadside Bos, a division of Harper Collins.

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West unfazed by disrupters

I attended U.S. Rep. Allen West’s April Town Hall meeting in Boca Raton last night. The previous evening’s meeting was punctuated with disruptions by protesters who had […]

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Barack Hussein Bush-Cheney Obama

By: George Noga

Scoop: Why Obamas Weren’t Invited to the Royal Wedding

Your objective in the following 10-question quiz is to distinguish whose policy is being described – Bush/Cheney or Obama. This should be easy; shouldn’t it?

1. Torture of Prisoners: Who authorized water-boarding three…

Arnold’s Ramblings 4-26-2011

Last week I was on vacation on a Caribbean Cruise. The people on the cruise ship were truly amazing! I have never seen so many grossly overweight […]

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Something fishy about your seafood dinner?

Do you know what you had for dinner last night? Are you sure? If you had sushi, it might not have been the fish listed on the […]

Dish Alert: Duffy’s on Clematis

A friend from Boca called me a few days ago loing for a recommendation on a restaurant to meet some people. She said they needed someplace quiet […]

Arnold’s Ramblings 4-19-2011

The budget “deal” that was supposed to reduce spending by $38.5 billion apparently only reduces spending by $352 million according to the CBO (the bi-partisan Congressional Budget […]

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The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse

The New Normal: Stagnation-Unemployment-Inflation-Deficits

By George Noga
More Liberty, Less Government

For quite awhile I have been in a blue funk about the future of our country. Only in recent months have I grasped the future already is here; this is the new normal! In the Bo of Revelation four horsemen appear to the apostle John, each riding a different color horse and symbolizing a different catastrophe…

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From the Ronald to the Donald? Part 1

That’s all anyone wants to talk about. Is he in? Can he win? What aboutKarl Rove? It never stops. Every reporter in Palm Beach County is working […]

Trump in Boca

On a backdrop of American flags, anti-Obama signs and women dressed up like Betsy Ross, Palm Beach millionaire businessmanDonald Trumpspe to Tea Party supporters in Boca Raton […]

Arnold’s Ramblings 4-12-2011

Amazingly the Democrats and the Republicans reached a deal to cut government spending by $38.5 billion. This almost half of what the Republicans wanted, so both sides […]

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Public Employees And GDP: The Noga Curve

By George Noga

The Rahn and Laffer Curves, Hauser’s Law, and ETI previously have graced this space; the eponymous Noga Curve is the capstone to this sequence. I have taken the liberty, perhaps immodestly, of naming the curve to achieve my Warholian 15 minutes of notoriety.

Insofar as I know, correlating the ratio of public to total employment with GDP growth rates never before has been done and hence breaks new ground.