Keith James hit with election complaint

The former Secretary of the Palm Beach County Democratic Party, Diana Demarest, has filed an election complaint with the Florida Elections Commission against West Palm Beach City Commission candidate, Keith James.

In the complaint, Demarest alleges that James sent out a mailer which “clearly identifies himself as a lifelong Democrat,” and that James, “further substantiates this claim by displaying the Democratic Party logo on the mail piece next to the statement.”

Since James is running for a non-partisan municipal office that would seem to place him in violation of Section 97.021(20) of the Florida Statutes which defines a non-partisan office as one “for which a candidate is prohibited from campaigning or qualifying for election or retention in office based on party affiliation.”

The James mailer attacked city commission candidate John Cohen, who came in third in a three way race for the District 4 commission seat, setting the stage for a run-off between businesswoman Diane Cantone and attorney James on March 22.

When asked to comment on her complaint, Demarest said: “No one is above the law including Keith James. This is a just another prime example of his lack of ethics. The taxpayers of West Palm Beach deserve better than this for their city commission.”

According to Demarest, who served as Cohen’s campaign manager, the complaint went out today by overnight mail and the Florida Election Commission should have it by tomorrow.

Disclosure: I supported Diane Cantone for City Commission.

Click on the thumbnails below to see the mailer full size:


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