Civil Society Versus Government



By George Noga 

We inhabit a civil world of scientific, technical, medical, entrepreneurial and economic marvels. Every measure of human wellbeing is the best it ever has been and continues to improve by leaps and bounds. By every possible objective measure, the environment is the best it has been in the past 50-75 years and it also continues to improve . To borrow from the Beatles, It’s getting better all the time.

“The difference between civil society and government is the difference between good and evil.”

Amidst this miraculous horn of plenty there is one uber-serious, foreboding dark cloud that threatens to stop all progress and even to undo the aforementioned marvels. I refer to government and that monster known as the public sector and to its miscegenistic stepchildren: political correctness, disdain for truth and liberty and the endless sea of banalities and inanities interspersed with downright lies it has spawned and midwived. It has many faces and goes by many names such as moral equivalence, internationalism and often environmentalism.

The difference between civil society and government is the difference between good and evil; yes, it really is that simple. You doubt it? In the 20th century 170 million people were killed by their own governments and that excludes wars. At least 4 times as many people were murdered by their own governments as died in all wars. The preceding data are from Gerald Scully’s book Murder by the State; Scully goes on to show that during the last century 7.3% of the world population was murdered by government – again excluding wars. In the past century and just in Europe there were over 28 genocides, holocausts and ethnic cleansings; I previously have published a list of these.

“During the 20th century government murdered 170 million people excluding wars; this is 4 times more than all wars combined and is equal to 7.3% of the world population.”

Consider the following differences between government and civil society all the while bearing in mind that government murdered 170,000,000 people last century.

*Civil society works via voluntary cooperation among people. Government operates only through brute force backed by its monopoly on police power.

*Civil society is based on mutual benefit, logic and appeal to reason. If you run afoul of government, they send brownshirts to forcefully confiscate your property, to deprive you of liberty and, in extremis, to take your life.

*Civil society operates on objective reality and truth; government on political correctness, myths, lies and pandering to the lesser angels of our nature.

*Civil society is based upon free trade which enriches all parties; government places taxes and barriers in the way of trade – impoverishing everyone in the process.

*People who mutually benefit from trade have little interest in warring against each other. Government policies promulgate wars.

*Free markets determine prices which are truthful; government prices are lies.

*Civil society creates wealth; government transfers or destroys wealth; it discourages entrepreneurs and places mindless impediments in the way of wealth creation.

*Good emanates from civil society which made America exceptional. Evil predominantly is a concoction of the public sector. Even benign acts by government, such as child labor laws, only codify what civil society already decided. All human experience has shown parents voluntarily remove their children from work as soon as humanly possible regardless of laws. The same is true of all else.

*Government is contrary to human nature; the bigger it becomes, the more so. It fails to understand the nature of evil (usually perpetrated by other governments); as a result no timely action is taken to avert wars and millions suffer and die unnecessarily.

The biggest horrors in my lifetime were the Great Depression, fascism (World War II), communism (Korea and the Cold War) and Islamic-terrorism (War on Terror). All of these were courtesy of government. Mao killed nearly 100 million people; Hitler 50 million and Stalin 30 million; they did this through the power and levers of government and for the sole reason of killing those who opposed them and their ideologies. Other than the aforementioned holocausts, the greatest terror in my lifetime is the growth of government.

“Today government is spawning two new horrors; one can kill us economically and the other physically.”

Today, government is creating two new horrors: (1) the crisis of spending, debt and deficits; and (2) national health care. One could kill us economically while the other could kill us physically. The debt crisis is certain to change the lives of Americans for a decade or two. Those of us who worked, took risks and saved will be lucky to survive economically. The mountain of debt government is creating will result in a crisis of bib lical proportion and end only with an economic apocalypse.

Government, via national health care, plausibly could wind up killing us as it routinely does many others based on a diabolical rationing formula. In England and Canada people are denied care if their cost of care exceeds a government index. The index computes the cost of care divided by the number of quality years of life remaining – which also is taken from another government formula. All of the data used in the computation are estimated. If, due to the iniquitous combination of quality years remaining and the projected cost of your care, the average cost per year of your care exceeds the index, you are given only palliative care and left to die – hopefully without causing too much of a ruckus.

When I was a young child if someone from Washington were visiting and we asked “What do you do?” and the visitor replied “I am in the public sector” we would have been dumbfounded; we would not have understood. Since that more sanguine time our government has metastasized worse than kudzu and with the same effect. The difference between civil society and government is the difference between good and evil; should you doubt it even for a moment recall the 170 million people murdered by their government and the 28+ European holocausts, genocides and ethnic cleansings.

Media Watch: Obama State Dinner for Hu Jintao

President Obama, winner of the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize, hosted a lavish state dinner for Hu Jintao of China on January 19, 2011. Meanwhile, the winner of the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize, Liu Xiaobo, is being imprisoned by Hu Jintao. Relish this irony: the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate honored the person who has the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate in the slammer. Did you see this pointed out in the media? Do you believe it would have been smeared all over the media if Bush were the host? Folks, it is impossible to make this stuff up.


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