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Florida Right-Wingers Predictably Spew Nonsense In Response to Giffords Shooting

By Tom Tillison

With emotions running high over the tragedy in Arizona and all the discussion of how this event is being played out in the media, I thought it would be interesting to see what our friends on the other side of the aisle have to say about it.

Checking in with the Florida Progressive Coalition Blog, an appropriate measuring stick, I find a blog focusing on the tweets of a handful of “right wingers” in the aftermath of the shooting.

As the title suggests, not exactly a ‘fair and balanced’ analysis by a long shot…

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The Florida Liberty Alliance Expresses Deep Sadness At The Loss Of Lives In Arizona

For Immediate Release January 9, 2011   The Florida Liberty Alliance Expresses Deep Sadness At The Loss Of Lives In Arizona   The Florida Liberty Alliance expresses […]

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Political Discourse And The Arizona Shooting

By Tom Tillison

So, yes, you’re damn right the political discourse in this country is dangerously high.

It’s dangerously high because conservatives have grown weary of all the lies and half truths, the never ending play on words, the double standard in the media, where the burden of proof exists only on the right, and having to endure most of the above from the most partisan President in our lifetime.

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The Arizona Blame Game

By Matthew Falconer

The tragic events in Arizona this weekend have unleashed a barrage of attacks on conservatives in America. The New York Times and other liberal media outlets have suggested the “vitriolic” rhetoric of conservatives incited the mentally imbalanced attacker to shoot a Democratic Congresswomen.

But in the hours after the attack it became clear the shooter was not a tea party follower or a conservative. In fact he was and is a liberal democratic socialist.

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Today In History; In 1790, Washington Delivers First State Of The Union Address

By Tom Tillison
Orlando Political Press

On this day in 1790, President George Washington delivers the first State of the Union address to the assembled Congress in New York City.

On January 8, 1790 Washington delivered the first ever State of the Union address. His address was highly anticipated by virtually everyone in Congress, since nobody was quite sure how the Executive Branch was to work or what a State of the Union address would look like.

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US Passport Applications Now Gender Neutral

Editor’s Note – Another example of political correctness run amok. All in the name of advancing the liberal agenda and further diminishing the value of the traditional family in America.

This is also the same type of mentality that led to 13 people being murdered in Ft. Hood, Texas.

Elections have consequences, one being that we are subjected to decisions such as this. With the election of Obama, our government is now infested with far left, extreme radicals at every level.

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Video; Gov. Rick Scott's First News Conference

NSF VIDEO | Gov. Rick Scott News Conference

Gov. Rick Scott on Friday held his first news conference since taking office this past week, a wide-ranging discussion of several issues…

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The High Cost of High Speed Rail

By Matthew Falconer

Our government “leaders” have the public relations machine working overtime to sell the Florida taxpayers on the benefits of high speed rail, helped by millions of dollars from foreign companies angling to build the rail system.

But instead of real numbers our government has exaggerated the ridership and intentionally underestimated the cost to the Florida taxpayer.

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Report By Scott Adviser Recommends Canceling High-Speed Rail Project

Editor’s Note – In what is starting to shape up as a very favorable trend for opponents of high speed rail in Florida, one of Governor Scott’s transportation transition team advisers is saying to abandon the project.

Coupled with earlier reports this week that Senate President Mike Haridopolos will not support HSR if any of the costs are placed on the state, is this new report a tip of the hat in the direction Governor Scott will take in February when he’s expected to make his decision?

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Rep. Adams Co-Sponsors FairTax Legislation

Washington, D.C. – Representative Sandy Adams (FL-24) issued the following statement after she co-sponsored H.R. 25, the FairTax, on the first day of session in the 112th Congress.

If enacted into law, the FairTax would eliminate the IRS, letting Florida taxpayers keep more of their hard earned money and helping create the private sector jobs that will improve our economy.

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Framing the Debt Ceiling Debate: Attach a Balanced Budget Amendment

By scorpio0679

The outcome, however, will be dependent on how it is framed in the public’s mind’s eye.

If it is perceived as a hostile Alinskian attempt to intentionally bring about economic ruin in an effort to impose an extreme right-wing agenda, we will surely lose.

The left is already hard at work framing this issue as being a coup d’etat by a lunatic tea party movement that wants to cut its nose off to spite its face…

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Cannon Minds The House And Reins In Scott Supporters

Cannon is simpatico with Haridopolos’ legislative agenda, but he’s not running for anything. Indeed, the Winter Park attorney seems content to stick close to home, with no aspirations for higher office.

“Cannon is a unique speaker in many respects. He’s been the power behind the throne for two years serving as a sort of shadow speaker,” said one longtime Republican strategist from South Florida who spoke on condition of anonymity.