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The Excuse For Not Raising Taxes Is That The Rich Will Quit Work

Prognosticators claim that if “the rich” pay too much in taxes, they will simply quit working. While this may be true for a few, it is a foolish effort to sway those in power who make the decision.

Saying this misses the more practical reason that with high taxes, regulation and litigiousness, investments will not make money. Let’s look at the numbers…

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Orlandoan Don Madden Challenges Washington Post

The article, titled ‘Dangerous outcomes from a culture of paranoia’, which tells you what direction Meyerson is going, attempts to paint the right as being overrun by fringe elements consumed with paranoia.

Whereas, it’s not often that a comment to an article overtakes the article itself, this is one of those rare times where that’s exactly what takes place. Don Madden is bold and fresh, getting straight to the point and in the process manages to capture the entire crux of what the real issue is between the right and the left in this country.

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Haridopolos Unofficially Enters Race For U.S. Senate

It looks as if Florida Senate President Mike Haridopolos has unofficially declared his candidacy for U.S. Senate. An email was sent out yesterday by Meredith O’Rourke, former Jeb Bush and Charlie Crist fundraiser, inviting big Republican donors to a “private strategy meeting” in Orlando next month.

The invitation is asking them to have $10,000 checks “in hand”.

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Climbing Cost Of State Worker Benefits Spared From Budget Cuts

At a time when almost everyone in the private sector in Florida is tightening their belts and making difficult decisions and the state is facing a $3.5 Billion budget shortfall this year, isn’t it time we ask our state lawmakers why their not doing the same with state worker benefits?

As the story below reports, taxpayers shelled out $1.19 billion for employee health care last year while employee contributions declined slightly during that time, to $154 million. And state Legislature employees get FREE health care…

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John Mica; A Bond Too Far

By: George Noga

John Mica, beginning his 10th term in Congress, represents Florida’s 7th congressional district which snakes from Winter Park to the Jacksonville city limits. The crazy quilt nature of his district likely discourages serious challengers with a political base only in one part of the district.

That may change when Florida redistricts prior to the 2012 election…