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Republican Party Rejects Tea Party Yet Again; Rep. King Blasts Boehner

Make no mistake about it, this is a rejection of the tea party. Not only that, it’s also putting politics before the challenges this nation faces. Yet again!

Why is illegal imigration such a problem in America? It’s because the leadership of both parties refuse to get serious about the issue out of fear of alienating the Hispanic vote. And Speaker Boehner is making it clear that he has no intentions of changing things.

Tea party groups across the nation should be outraged over this decision. Where are the national groups who are always so eager to claim leadership of the movement? Tea Party Patriots? Tea Party Express? Tea Party Nation? Perhaps, too busy issuing attention getting statements to the press or appealing for donations…

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States Take First Step in Eliminating Birthright Citizenship

Florida is part of the State Legislators for Legal Immigration, being represented by Rep. William D. Snyder – District 82.

In addition to this effort at the state level, Congressman Steve King (R-IA) introduced legislation to end the practice of automatically granting American citizenship to “Anchor Babies” born in the United States to illegal alien parents.

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Senate Starts Immigration Debate

Editor’s Note – Interestly, state Sen. Mike Bennett seems to be against his own bill!

The sponsor of legislation aimed at making it easier for Florida to weed out illegal immigrants told a newspaper Monday that he doubts an Arizona-style law will pass this year.

Bennett told the Miami Herald, “I might not even vote for it myself. There probably will not be an Arizona-immigration style bill that passes the Florida Senate.”