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Framing the Debt Ceiling Debate: Attach a Balanced Budget Amendment

By scorpio0679

The outcome, however, will be dependent on how it is framed in the public’s mind’s eye.

If it is perceived as a hostile Alinskian attempt to intentionally bring about economic ruin in an effort to impose an extreme right-wing agenda, we will surely lose.

The left is already hard at work framing this issue as being a coup d’etat by a lunatic tea party movement that wants to cut its nose off to spite its face…

BizPac Review
Cannon Minds The House And Reins In Scott Supporters

Cannon is simpatico with Haridopolos’ legislative agenda, but he’s not running for anything. Indeed, the Winter Park attorney seems content to stick close to home, with no aspirations for higher office.

“Cannon is a unique speaker in many respects. He’s been the power behind the throne for two years serving as a sort of shadow speaker,” said one longtime Republican strategist from South Florida who spoke on condition of anonymity.