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Tea Party 2010: A Year Of Review In Photos

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By Laura Kelly and William J. Kelly
The Washington Times

04teaparty_1_t268Leave it to the mainstream media to lie about the Tea Party Movement. But pictures don’t lie. Standing tall against the constant media cries of “racism,” the Tea Party Movement marched forward to achieve a historic victory in the midterm elections as the Republicans regained control of the House. But it wasn’t easy.

As we saw in 2009, the biased liberal media continued to use its White House-supplied speaking points against the Tea Party Movement in 2010: Call them racists. Ridicule them as uneducated and ignorant. Cast them out as crazy and illiterate. This is what happens when the Democrats see power slipping from their hands. This is what happens when the media becomes a machine for propaganda and turns on an American public that it is supposed to be objectively serving. 

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