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Matthew Falconer; The Case for 'Smart Caps'

By Matthew Falconer

The “Smart Cap,” which was formerly known as the Taxpayer Bill of Rights, limits state and local government revenue to the previous year plus an increase for inflation and population growth.

While the concept of a revenue cap on government is simple the ramifications are complex. The opponents of revenue limits, mostly government labor unions, will say the revenue limits will have “negative consequences” for Florida’s citizens.

BizPac Review
PolitiFact Florida's New 'Scott-O-Meter' To Track Campaign Promises

PolitiFact Florida unveils its Scott-O-Meter today to keep track.

The Scott-O-Meter will analyze each promise — so far we’ve found 56 — and rate whether it was kept, broken or altered as part of a compromise.

Those ratings will be tallied on our website, creating an up-to-the-minute and evolving report card on Scott’s administration.

BizPac Review
Tea Party 2010: A Year Of Review In Photos

Leave it to the mainstream media to lie about the Tea Party Movement. But pictures don’t lie.

Standing tall against the constant media cries of “racism,” the Tea Party Movement marched forward to achieve a historic victory in the midterm elections as the Republicans regained control of the House. But it wasn’t easy.