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Kool Aid & Arsenic: It’s Getting Harder To Tell The Good Guys From The Bad Guys…

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prostitute-free-zone-225x300I hate Washington, DC. Despite the few friends that I have who live and work around DC, I’ve found my view of that city growing from a genuine dislike to a visceral hatred. Perhaps I’m an idealist but, to me, DC is the home of snake-oil salesmen, prostitutes, and power-hungry pikers. It’s worse than a den of iniquity. It is iniquity.

Freedom, to much of the DC crowd, is a quaint euphemism that those who cling to their guns or religion take far too seriously. You are the subjects, the peasants whose land and labor they tax, the grist for their political machinations—they are your rulers, your lives and your wallets theirs for the taking.

What’s worse, the lines between good and evil (and I’m speaking in the moral, black & white sense here) have become so blurred that, in most cases, it’s only a matter of degree (or time) before those few good people who go to Washington to change things become corrupted by compromise and collusion.

Here’s a case in point…

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