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Terra Incognita: Hic Svnt Dracones

By George Noga

The head translated from Latin is: “Unknown Land: Here Be Dragons.”

Early cartographers depicting unknown regions often would draw a dragon along with the words Hic Svnt Dracones.

Today the phrase is used metaphorically to describe any unknown phenomenon. I inve the phrase herein with reference to the crisis of spending debt and deficits.

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Arnold’s Ramblings 1-25-2011

Hi, These past weeks that I have been ill, I have answered of the calls than I usually do; and we received at least 20 (twenty) […]

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Florida the “fishing capital of the world”

Did you know that in Florida, the “fishing capital of the world,” fishermen outnumber golfers 2-to-1? I’ve been fishing these waters for years now, and I can […]

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Alan Grayson Using Giffords Tragedy to Raise Money For What?

As for Grayson’s on the Giffords tragedy, very few are sitting on the edge of their seat anticipating what he thinks. His in the e- are the typical one sided rubbish we’ve come to expect from the far left.

I do have to say, it is the very height of hypocrisy that Alan ‘Die Quickly’ Grayson has the gall to question anyone’s rhetoric.

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Defund 'Obamacare'; The Next Step

By Rep. Steve King (R-IA)

As one of the first acts of this 112th Congress, the House is due to pass language I introduced to repeal Obamacare: “as if such Act had not been enacted.”

This legislation would validate the strategy for repeal that I have been advancing since the day the law was signed.

It will also set the stage for the next component of my repeal strategy: the inclusion of language in every appropriations bill to prevent federal funds from being used to implement or enforce any of Obamacare’s provisions.

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Florida Republicans Softening On Illegal Immigration?

With close to 1 million illegal immigrants residing in Florida, costing taxpayers anywhere from $3 – $5 Billion dollars a year depending on which study you fall back on, there’s every reason to expect Florida lawmakers to go after the issue in earnest. Right?

Florida is facing a $3.5 Billion dollar budget shortfall this year and unemployment is still at record levels, 11.9% based on the latest reports, so it would appear to be prudent to follow the lead of other states that have begun cracking down on illegal immigration.

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How To Repeal Obamacare In The Senate

If Senators don’t take two procedural steps this week, they will make it virtually impossible to ever get a vote on the House-passed full repeal bill this Congress.

If the supporters of a full repeal of Obamacare don’t use the Senate’s rules to force a vote on full repeal, don’t take them seriously when they say they are really want to repeal President Obama’s de facto government takeover of health care.

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Mica; Scott Would Support Rail If Biz Pays

Rick Scott continues to meet with the various supporters of high speed rail and continues to shirk a request to meet with representatives of the Florida Liberty Alliance, a statewide group of tea party organizers.

It’s beginning to lo as if the ally the tea party thought it had in the Governor’s Mansion may not be quite so.

Fortunately, the tea party knows how to respond to elected officials that ignore the will of the people.

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Matthew Falconer; Privatizing High Speed Rail

By Matthew Falconer

The talk in Tallahassee these days is about removing taxpayer objections to Obama’s high speed rail by claims of “privatizing” the project.

The talk started the very same week Associated Industries of Florida (or if you like my nickname “The Associated Industries who will Build and Profit from the Train”) formed a political action committee to sell the project.

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Rep. John Mica And Rick Scott Talk Rail

Interesting that grassroots activists, who played a key role in helping Gov. Scott get elected, can’t seem to get the same consideration as the many proponents of HSR.

Frustrations are beginning to mount for tea party leaders who’ve been requesting an audience with the Governor for weeks now to discuss the rail issue.

Considering the challenges Scott faces in building a working relationship with the Republican establishment, it doesn’t seem to be wise to alienate the one base he can count on. Just saying!

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The Tea Party And The Politician

One of the prevailing themes of the tea party movement, accurately captured in the bo ‘Tea Party, The Awakening’, written by Brent Morehouse, which includes testimonials from tea party members from across the country, is the idea that for most, this was their first foray into politics.

Of the tea party, I am qualified to speak, of politicians, well, maybe not as much. What I can do is my observations over the past two years…

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Senator Rubio Holds News Conference From Afghanistan

U.S. Senator Marco Rubio announced today that he and six other Senators just ended a trip to Afghanistan and Pakistan.

While traveling in Pakistan and Afghanistan, Senator Rubio met with U.S. troops, military officials and political leaders to discuss political, economic and security issues affecting bilateral relations, including General David Petraeus and Afghan President Hamid Karzai.

Earlier in the day, Senator Rubio held a conference call with Florida reporters…

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