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On friendship – a businessman’s view

As we round the corner into 2012, and in this time of holidays, giving and sharing, and with the prospect of New Year’s resolutions looming, it is […]

Times Square New Year’s ball – an American icon

In 1904, German Jewish immigrant and New York Times owner Alfred Ochs selected a new home for the newspaper. The New York Times Tower was situated on […]

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The good, bad and oh-so ugly of 2011

The good: A new U.S. House:The swearing in of a Republican House — especially conservatives like Allen West — brought President Obama’s radical programs to a screeching […]

Clematis Street hosts an Asian restaurant invasion

Clematis Street is experiencing an Asian restaurant explosion that’s putting a whole new spin on the strip’s menu of restaurants. Just recently, Kabuki opened on the 300 […]

Arnold’s Ramblings 12-28-2011

Now all of my readers know that Arnold is a moron, so please just try to accept what is coming. This major political insanity regarding the “raising […]

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Let’s ban words like ‘right-wing extremist’ and ‘fair share’

For the third consecutive year, the Marist College Institute for Public Opinion voted“whatever”as the most irritating word or phrase in the English language. I agree, it is […]

Local Dems threaten Sen. Maria Sachs with primary

It started with a simple campaign button, but it kicked up a sizeable political stink. Bill Weg, a member of the ray Beach Democratic Club, didn’t realize […]

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Voter ID laws actually expand voter access

When I poll-watched for the Republican Party in the 2010 general election, my Democratic counterpart mentioned that she was a former United Nations poll watcher. She told […]

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Can’t turn back tide on gambling in Florida

For the better part of a century, there’s been consistency in the debate over legalized gambling in Florida: Moralists oppose it, while libertarians and big-money gambling interests […]

Hidden agenda in voter registration drives

Amazement is uncommon with me, but I remain continually amazed at how many people lead their microcosmic lives completely oblivious, with little awareness of the people and […]

Sober house in waterfront mansion? Delray Beach residents say no way

The prospect of a drug treatment center moving into a foreclosed, million-dollar mansion in a ritzy shore neighborhood on A1A in ray Beach has beachfront residents up […]

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Merry Christmas from Jack Furnari

There are traditional Christmas songs, sung by specific singers, that I listened to as a child that will always define Christmas for me. The music wasn’t sung […]

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