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Video; News Service Of Florida 2010 Year In Review

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2010-year-end-reviewBy Tom Tillison

An interesting review of the quickly fading year by the staff at News Service of Florida, plus a look at what lays ahead in 2011.

As expected, much focus on Charlie Crist and how his decision to run for U.S. Senate dramatically altered the political scene in Florida and an equal effort on Rick Scott’s sudden arrival.

There is also an interesting discussion on how drastically the political arena changed in Florida from the 2008 election – the Obama wave, to the 2010 election and the Republican resurgence.

A bit of constructive advice to the staff at NSF – While the overall quality of opinion is impressive, it seems the staff arrives at conclusions from within a bubble.  A common malady for many in the media.  The time spent in Tallahassee is necessary to grasp the indepth knowledge that’s apparent in NSF’s reporting, however, it would be beneficial to break away from that climate from time to time.

Case in point, while discussing the dramatic changes from 2008, there was no mention whatsoever of the tea party movement.  Not to be self serving, however, the change in the political climate in the 2010 election was not due to a sudden embrace by the public of the Republican Party as much as it was a vote of dissatisfaction for what the Democrat Party has represented the past two years.  It would be foolhardy not to recognize the role the tea party movement played in bringing this about.  

As for the year ahead, here’s a news tip – I predict the tea party movement will surpise many in it’s continued involvement and improved effectiveness in the shaping of the governance of Florida. 


Tom Tillison


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