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Good Grief… Leading RNC Candidate’s Law Firm Supports Obamacare – Says It’s Constitutional

This will go over well with the conservative base…

If you thought the fact that RNC Chair candidate, Maria Cino, was an Obamacare lobbyist was outrageous wait until you hear the latest…

The leading candidate in the race – Reince Priebus‘s law firm supports Obamacare and says its constitutional!

Yes, you read that correctly.

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Napolitano Plays Grinch With Pilot’s 1st And 2nd Amendment Rights

By Brad O’Leary

Anti-gun activist and Department of Homeland Security chief Janet Napolitano has now put her distaste for both the First and Second Amendments on full display.

Napolitano’s victim over the Christmas break was Chris Liu, a commercial airline pilot based at San Francisco International Airport, who had been posting cell phone videos on YouTube that give first-hand accounts of what appear to be serious flaws in our nation’s airport security.

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FreedomWorks; 2010 End Of The Year Report

By Matt Kibbe

As this remarkable year comes to a close, I wanted to write and thank you for all that you have done personally to support FreedomWorks and the millions of activists who work so hard to make a difference.

None of us could have done what we do without your support. I can say, with just a little bit of pride, that together you and I made a difference for our nation, for our freedoms, and for the futures of our children and grandchildren.