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FL Senate To Introduce Statutory Legislation Against Federal Healthcare Mandate

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senateseal2By Tom Tillison
Orlando Political Press

Back on December 20th, conservative activists throughout Florida sent an open letter to Senate President Mike Haridopolos requesting the introduction of legislation, in conjuction with SJR-2, which provides for a constitutional amendment on the 2012 ballot, that will offer statutory protections for Floridians against federally mandated healthcare coverage. 

It was further suggested by the activists that this be among the very first legislative initiatives in the new session.

Today, Carey Baker, recently acquired aid/consultant to Senator Haridopolos, announced through a FaceBook post that state Sen. Rene Garcia will be filing a statutory version of SJR-2 Health Care Freedom Act.

This announcement is a clear victory for the tea party movement in the state, which is now being recognized as one of the most active, well organized in the nation.  It also indicates a strong show of respect toward the movement by state lawmakers.

“We are very happy to see that the concerns of the tea party movement are a priority in Tallahassee”, said Clyde Fabretti, an organizer and leader of the West Orlando Tea Party.  “We have full confidence that our lawmakers are going to do the right thing and we will continue to follow their actions closely to further that confidence.” 

With 60% of likely voters now favoring repeal of the national healthcare law, according to the latest Rasmussen poll, today’s announcement by Carey Baker is yet another blow in an ongoing nationwide effort to strike down this law.

“By passing a state law protecting health care freedom this spring it will give our new State Attorney, Pam Bondi, better standing in Federal Court as she pursues our state’s challenge to the Federal health care bill”, Baker added.

Tom Tillison


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