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On The Lighter Side; Floridians Gone Wild!

Editor’s Note – Came across a great quote today, part of which is posted on the OPP home page, that places the focus for the challenges we face more on the electorate than on Obama.

Meet the electorate;

BizPac Review
Florida Republicans Want Jeb Bush to Challenge Nelson

Public Policy Polling includes a few interesting names, but leaves out another – Dan Webster. Rumor has it that he may have an interest in this race, particularly when you take into account the redrawing of districts, which is expected to swing D8 heavily in favor of the enemy..the Progressives….the Democrat Party.

Not wanting to ruin anyone’s Christmas, but…based on redistricting and Obama being on the ballot in 2012, we may not have heard the last of Alan Dis-Grayson!

BizPac Review
Sarah Palin Thankfully Not On Same 'Intellectual Stage' As Obama

By Tom Tillison

As for questioning Sarah Palin’s intelligence, this is a very familiar tactic that we saw play out with Ronald Reagan, a bachelor of arts graduate in economics-sociology from Eureka College, hardly an Ivy League school.

It seems the left evaluates the content of your cranium by which school you attended and by your IQ score.

Which reminds me of Presidential Historian Michael Beschloss, who said, “Barack Obama has the highest IQ of any President.” When asked what Obama’s IQ was, he replied, “I don’t know”.