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'We The People' To Open Next Congress

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constitution_preamble_people_htmlEditor’s Note – One has to wonder when was the last time the U.S. Constitution has been read on the floor of the House?

Along with the proposed rule change requiring lawmakers to provide constitutional authority for every bill, we can only hope that this sudden emphasis by the GOP on the Constitution is more than just window dressing.

After the past two years, what an incredible difference we’re seeing already, though!  Constitution?  Are you serious?


‘We The People’ To Open Next Congress

House to read Constitution

By Stephen Dinan
The Washington Times

The Constitution frequently gets lip service in Congress, but House Republicans next year will make sure it gets a lot more than that – the new rules the incoming majority party proposed this week call for a full reading of the country’s founding document on the floor of the House on Jan. 6.

The goal, backers said, is to underscore the limited-government rules the Founders imposed on Congress – and to try to bring some of those principles back into everyday legislating.

“It stems from the debate that we’ve had for the last two years about things like the exercise of authority in a whole host of different areas by the EPA, we’ve had this debate in relation to the health care bill, the cap-and-trade legislation,” said Rep. Robert W. Goodlatte, Virginia Republican, who proposed the reading. “This Congress has been very aggressive in expanding the power of the federal government, and there’s been a big backlash to that.”

Setting aside time at the beginning of the congressional session for the reading is just one of the changes to House rules that Republicans say are designed to open up the legislative process. They say the new rules also will try to bring some restraints to lawmaking after decades in which both Republican and Democratic leaders whittled away opportunities for real legislative give-and-take.

The biggest changes would make it easier to cut spending and harder to create entitlement programs, while imposing restrictions that could keep leaders from jamming massive bills onto the House floor before lawmakers have had a chance to digest them.

“To begin to restore trust with the American people, Republicans have pledged to operate Congress differently: with real transparency, greater accountability and a renewed focus on the Constitution,” said Rep. Greg Walden of Oregon, who led the GOP’s transition team. “The sweeping reforms offered in this package make clear we intend to keep that promise.”

Read More – http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2010/dec/23/we-the-people-to-open-next-congress/

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