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The Last Straw; Big Labor, Labor Relations Board Can Go To Hell

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johnnycashfinger-300x291By Kyle Olson

While I run a non-profit, I feel very much like a small business owner.  I’ve got to meet a payroll.  I’ve got to be sure we are delivering the highest quality product.  I’ve got to make sure we’re getting the biggest bang for our health care dollars.

While my organization, Education Action Group, sells ideas and doesn’t make a profit, we are very much a business.

So it’s discouraging and infuriating to hear the National Labor Relations Board tell me that I’ve now got to inform my employees of their right to unionize.

Under a proposed rule, I will now be required to make sure a “rights notice [is] posted alongside other workplace communications, be it in the break room or elsewhere. Any employer who typically uses e-mail to communicate with staff would have to post the information electronically as well,” according to FoxNews.com.

To the NRLB: go to hell.

You can come to my workplace and post the notice, if you’re so hell-bent on doing the bidding of Rich Trumka (President of the AFL-CIO ).  I’ll be glad to meet you at the door.

 Given that your former counsel, Craig Becker, is now on the NRLB, I know what is really going on.  You’re not looking out for entrepreneurs and don’t care much for the free-market system, you’re rather help Rich and the gang of thugs grow their dues they strong-arm from hard-working Americans.

The thugocracy that is being built under President Obama is damaging America’s future.  With Big Labor pawns at the NRLB, we’re quickly looking like socialist Europe and will turn out the very same way.

How many people on the NRLB have ever signed the front of a pay check?  We know they’ve been very good at extracting money out of employers, but I wonder how many have ever had to actually find the money to pay employees?

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