3 Things To Wish For In 2011…And A Few More

Happy New 2011 Year

By Ron McCoy
West Orlando Tea Party

As 2010 winds down, I am excited about the way people in this country spoke up and voiced their opinion this fall during the fall elections. On the other hand, I am saddened by what I see is a lack of understanding from the current administration as to the root of Americas’ problems. It seems the current administration has no idea of what the people want but rather a clear agenda of what they think is best for us. As the lame duck session just proved, they still do not listen.

In my opinion, there are 3 simple concepts that our leadership could lay out in 2011 that would pave the way for hope and progress for America. STOP SPENDING MONEY we don’t have, REPEAL HEALTHCARE and focus on a free market solution, and SECURE OUR BORDER and implement a workable solution to legal immigration.

Most Americans would feel a lot more confident and most businesses would feel more inclined to hire if we addressed these 3 issues in 2011. Why our current administration is not listening to the people is puzzling to me and I believe is the exact reason we are where we’re at today. We lack the leadership we desperately need at a crucial time in our history.

Most Americans who have a basic understanding of balancing a checkbook get that we cannot spend more than we take in. They realize that, when we fail to be responsible and spend beyond our means, we will be faced with harder choices down the road in the form of higher interest rates and tough sacrifices. We also understand that having a budget is important to being fiscally responsible.

This year, our own government failed to pass a budget and just decided to spend money regardless of the consequences. Where does it end? What kind of confidence does this leave Americans knowing we are digging a deeper hole than we are already in? I would suggest that we have spent the last several years(maybe more) disregarding a fiscal plan and that is becoming evident every day. It is paralyzing our country and is the single biggest threat we face today.

People wonder why businesses are not hiring today. Businesses are not hiring because they fear higher taxes due to the uncontrolled spending and the lack of a fiscal plan to resolve the problem. They know that eventually someone will have to pay the tab for all of this spending and it is just a matter of time until they are asked to foot the bill in the form of higher taxes. They will pass these increased taxes onto the consumer in the form of higher prices.

The brilliant idea of healthcare reform know as ObamaCare or government run healthcare is another major reason America is paralyzed. It was forced down the throat of Americans because the current administration felt that is was in the best interest of American. Despite the fact that 2/3rds of Americans rejected the idea of government run health care, it was passed in backroom deals.

Now we are finding out that in fact our costs are going to go up and our quality of care will go down. If you run a business, large or small, the thought of more regulation, more compliance, and more administration costs is burdensome. Combined with the thought of higher deficits and higher taxes, it is a scary proposition and not very productive.

To think that somehow the government is going to step in and solve all of the healthcare problems we face is wishful thinking. Just ask any doctor, nurse, or hospital administrator if they believe that our government run health care is going to solve our problems. Ask most patients what is wrong with the system and I am sure that you will get very few who believe socialized medicine is the answer. The only ones who believe government run health care is the answer are the Progressives in Washington who believe we need them to solve our problems and those who are dependent on entitlements to survive.

Give me a group of insurance company executives, patients, doctors groups, hospital executives, and pharmaceutical company representatives, and I believe I could lower costs for most Americans. It really should not be that hard but yet we make it harder than it should be. My guess is that is all comes back to power and money.

Having a secure border seems to be a distant thought in America today. Passing a law (Dream Act) is more important than having borders that mean something. Once again, our leadership seems to ignore the will of the American people and proceed with policies that reward bad behavior with citizenship. They have ignored the American people once again as we have asked, at the very least, please secure our border. We are not against immigration and welcome those who want to contribute…as long as it is within the law.

We have major issues on our borders and our federal government offers no help. Instead, they sue Arizona for standing up for what is right. Give me a break. We have more security in Iraq and Afghanistan than we do on our own border! Getting on a plane these days is harder than crossing the border into our country. Our system is messed up and backwards but that is what we are getting. We have 70,000 plus TSA agents today on the payroll screening many people who pose no threat. Call me crazy, but maybe we should allocate a few thousand to go to our border and inspect those coming across.

I applaud those conservatives (Americans) who have stood up for the American people. We need more and are hopeful that with the new Congress, we will be heard. When you look at what was passed in the last two weeks, it is apparent that the tea party has a lot more work to do. Those who are leaving DC in the coming days, should be ashamed for what they have done….particularly in the lame duck session.

They acted like renters rather than owners and were spiteful in their actions. Shame on them!

I have the luxury of talking with many people daily in my line of work from across the US. They come from all walks of life and I hear what they say. It is their comments that I base my comments and opinions on, as well as my own knowledge. The resounding theme is that we are without leadership and have no plan to solve our problems. Confidence is lacking and I hope that in January we will regain some sort of confidence as to the future of our country and a plan to fix our issues.

Pushing Don’t Ask/ Don’t Tell and the Dream Act as priorities seems pitiful when you look at where we are. They may solve some issues for some, but for our country, they do very little to solve the major problems we face.

That is a fact.


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