The Unrealistic Progressive Left

By Linda O’Keefe
Orlando Political Press

Democrats may resurrect the Public Option in this Lame Duck Session.

According to Progressives at, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid promised the democratic base a vote on the Public Option in the months following the Health Care vote.

And, this can all be done because, according to some Democrats, the reconciliation instructions for the latest Budget are still active.

Of course, there is not a snowball’s chance of this happening. But, it is interesting to see just how unrealistic the Democrats’ Base is.

Yesterday, President Obama had a press conference for damage control in the Democrat Party. It is apparent, that the Progressive arm is disenfranchised by the leadership of the President. Many have questioned whether or not President Obama is convicted by any principles. 

The Progressives were President Obama’s most ardent and energetic followers in his 2008 Campaign. If he is unable to appease them, the President can count on a primary challenger in 2012 from the far left. 

It isn’t a coincidence that progressive leaders like Rep. Alan Grayson and Rep. Anthony Weiner have been rather vocal during this lame duck session.


“Show me where the compromise touched your principles?”



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