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Obama's Deficit Panel's Plan Goes Down To Defeat

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obama-fiscal-commission_full_600In an 11-7 vote, President Obama’s fiscal commission on Friday failed to adopt a sweeping plan for reining in the federal budget deficit. 

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid had agreed to bring the deficit recommendations up for a floor vote in Congress if the proposal had the support of 14 members. The commission came up three votes short.

Not that the plan had much of a chance from the very beginning.  Just the fact that former Service Employees International Union president Andy ‘Workers of the World Unite’ Stern was part of this commission destroyed any credibility it could have ever hoped to have. 

This being the same Andy Stern that left SEIU $85 Million in debt, which just happens to be the amount that SEIU spent to elect President Obama and give Democrats control of Congress.  No correlation, I’m sure! 

Honestly speaking, what does this say about the judgement of the President of the United States in naming Stern to a commission that’s charged with reducing debt?  The extend of the corruption that permeates our government is simply staggering…

Tom Tillison


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