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Webster/Adams Pass On Federal Health Care Plan

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CasablancaEditor’s Note – Yet another refreshing change of pace – congressmen who not only talk the talk, but actually walk the walk.

And, an early sign that the residents of Central Florida chose well in selecting Sandy Adams and Dan Webster to represent them.

With many difficult decisions awaiting both, let’s hope that this is, to borrow from the line in the movie Casablanca, ” the beginning of a beautiful friendship”.


Webster/Adams Pass On Federal Health Care Plan

By Mike Lafferty
Orlando Sentinel

By now you’ve probably heard about the freshman congressman from Maryland who, after getting elected on a vow to repeal the health care reform law, demanded to know at an orientation session why it would take so long for his federally funded health care to kick in.

I started to wonder what the two freshmen members of Congress from our area – Sandy Adams and Dan Webster – intended to do? Will they sign up for federally subsidized health care, or go into the vibrant marketplace of private health care? During the campaign both expressed general epugnance at government’s involvement in health care, and were part of the repeal/replace crowd.

Adams’ chief of staff, after first making clear the differences between what Congress members are eligible for and the health-care law’s mandate, said she’s signing on to her husband’s plan, not the federal plan. Adams’ husband is a circuit judge.

Webster said he’s sticking with the insurance plan that his company has, even though the monthly premium is more costly, in part because doing so is in keeping with his promise to reduce federal spending.

Smart moves by the freshmen. If they’re going to fight against the federal government’s involvement in health care they’re better off not being in the position of explaining why they’re part of a health plan subsidized by the federal government.

Read More – http://blogs.orlandosentinel.com/orlando_opinionators/2010/11/websteradams-pass-on-federal-health-care-plan.html

Tom Tillison


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