They Walk Among Us

walkBy Robert T. McLean
American Thinker

A dedicated cadre of counterrevolutionaries struggle to subvert the legacy of our Revolution and return us to our former status as subjects of a foreign political philosophy controlled by alien (European) elites.

In 1988, wrestler Rowdy Roddy Piper starred in the film They Live. He finds a pair of special sunglasses that reveals subliminal messages beneath billboard ads, magazines, and books of every sort. The messages are simple. OBEY, SUBMIT, NO INDEPENDENT THOUGHT. The glasses also reveal the existence of alien beings that have disguised themselves as humans and dwell among us. He soon learns that the aliens are as numerous as they are influential, many possessing powerful positions in business, politics, and the media.

In the end, Piper’s character manages to destroy a satellite uplink the aliens use to maintain the illusion. Suddenly, around the world, humans see the aliens without their cover. Humanity wakes up en masse, and the plot to subjugate the human race fails. In one horrifying moment, the deluded and deceived see the aliens as they truly are.

Unfortunately, the aliens have not been vanquished in real life as they were in the movie. They continue to live among us. They control most of the media, Hollywood, virtually all universities, and the bureaucracy. They control the agenda of one major political party, but they have their useful idiots in place in the opposing party, also. Although subtle, their message to the herd (us) is the same. Obey, submit, and no independent thought.

These aliens do not come from another planet or dimension, however. They are as human as the rest of us, but they are in thrall to an alien philosophy that is distinctly European, not American. Their secular political philosophy arises from their view of humanity. We evolved, and there is no Creator — ergo, unalienable rights do not exist. To the adherents of this worldview, we’re little more than resources to be used as the King/Party/Dictator sees fit. Our only right is the privilege of working to sustain the Machine in whatever form.

The aliens despise anything that could thwart their goals. If people look to God or the Church first, the aliens do all in their power to destroy people’s faith. Failing that, the aliens turn to destroying people of faith. The Constitution? Anyone, they say, who believes that document should reign supreme is an “extremist.” 

After the English defeated the Jacobites in 1746, the Royal House of Hanover ordered the Highlands of Scotland cleared. The Clearances decimated the population, using murder, enslavement, and the destruction of crops and livestock to starve the survivors. Today, we call such action genocide. Thirty years later, wealthy landowners in the American colonies understood the price of failure. Nonetheless, these men pledged their wealth and sacred honor in their efforts to gain independence from the same House of Hanover. Against all odds, the American Revolution succeeded in defeating the world’s only superpower.

Yet today, revanchist counterrevolutionaries seek to return us to the status quo ante. There can be no compromise between lives flourishing in freedom and lives enduring in slavery. We are either free men or we are slaves. The aliens wish to do to us what they’ve done to countless peoples across the globe. The aliens want to rule the entire earth, but the unique people of the United States stands athwart their goals, and therefore, we must be destroyed.

How does a dedicated cadre of counterrevolutionaries go about bringing down the greatest nation ever to inhabit the planet? Militarily? No. John Quincy Adams once remarked, “Our Constitution is written for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate for any other.”

The keystone of American supremacy has always been a moral and religious populace. The Constitution constrains the federal government. Moral and religious belief restrains the population. Therefore, the only way to destroy the United States is to change Americans into a different kind of people. Destroy religious adherence, make belief in God a subject of ridicule, and advocate behavior to shock the bourgeoisie until that which was unacceptable becomes not only normal, but required and subsidized.

Of course, the aliens know such a course of destruction can only occur gradually, over many decades. Their useful idiots come and go, but the goal never changes. If they fail to subvert this generation, they go to work on the next, and the next, and the next. Each generation must fight the same battle anew.

They may have brainwashed half the population in the propaganda mills we once called schools. But we Americans are nothing if not innovative. If we don’t approve of the curricula, we pull our kids out and send them elsewhere, or we teach them at home. The aliens get livid, but even now they dare not use force to make Americans obey, submit, and eschew independent thought.

The aliens reigned supreme in January 2009, but they moved too far and too fast. They inadvertently removed their masks to reveal their true selves — leading to a backlash, as we saw earlier this month. We are not Venezuela. We are not Cuba. We are the United States of America, and the alien leadership in Washington cannot trust the military to vote. How could they possibly believe the military would acquiesce to orders to occupy this country and subdue the American people?

Yet short of that, we Americans will never be cowed, no matter how many of our neighbors have succumbed to the alien philosophy. More Americans are waking every day. The slumbering giant stretched and yawned on November 2. By 2012, the giant will be standing and girded for battle.

On the first Tuesday of this month, I saw a whole army of my countrymen gather in defiance of tyranny. The question is this: shall we continue to fight for our freedom or give in to our would-be slave masters? Our forefathers risked everything to give us what we have. How can we do less to ensure that our children’s children enjoy the same blessings of liberty that we do?

The aliens will not go quietly. They will attack us personally and mock us to derision. But they know they cannot compete with our arguments. They have no choice but to call us names. Let their calumny roll off our shoulders, and then stick it to them. Make them defend this alien philosophy or call them on it when they dissemble. We can lose to these sad sacks only by surrendering the field. We’ve ceded far too much ground already.

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