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Video; Alan Grayson Auditions For MSNBC On House Floor

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By Tom Tillison
Orlando Political Press

In case there are any lost souls out there who may have any doubts about whether booting Alan Grayson out of office in such an crushing manner was the right thing to do or not, this video will erase those doubts.

It seems that Grayson just may be auditioning for MSNBC right on the House floor!  It would be hilarious, in fact, Grayson himself seems on the verge of cracking up at any moment, except that we are still paying this buffoon.  

Perhaps’ the citizens of FL-CD8 should start an initiative to force Grayson to return his salary to the tax payers, as it’s obvious that he no longer takes his job seriously.   Assuming he ever did!


Tom Tillison


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