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Road to RPOF Chairmanship Runs Through Sarasota

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Editor’s Note – This could get real interesting…

The race for RPOF Chairman could pit the new vs the old.  With Deborah Cox Roush and Sharon Day both representing respectable choices, and both having support within the tea party movement, should Gruters enter the race, things quickly become a bit more complicated.

And, after earlier reports suggested Rick Scott was staying out of the race, Kenric Ward reveals that Scott has already spoke on the matter.  As mentioned, this could get real interesting in determing just how loyal the party is to the new boss!





Rick Scott and Joe Gruters (right)  Credit: Sarasota County Republican Party
Rick Scott and Joe Gruters (right) Credit: Sarasota County Republican Party

Road to RPOF Chairmanship Runs Through Sarasota

By Kenric Ward
Sunshine State News

In the run for Republican Party of Florida chairman, Joe Gruters, the young party leader from Sarasota County, may have the inside track.

Though GOP veterans Sid Dinerstein, Deborah Cox Roush and Sharon Day are angling for the position being vacated by state Sen. John Thrasher, incoming Gov. Rick Scott has said Gruters would be his choice.

“We all know that the next chairman of the Republican Party ought to be Joe, because he has done such a wonderful job in Sarasota,” Scott said of Gruters in the closing days of the gubernatorial campaign.

State parties historically honor the preference of their leader when it comes to choosing a chairman. As governor, Scott is the titular head of the RPOF.

At 35, Gruters is 20 or more years younger than the other GOP contenders. That’s another potential advantage, says state Rep. Bill Galvano, R-Bradenton.

“The last election cycle showed people are looking for fresh ideas. Gruters is someone who would bring a lot of energy,” said Galvano, who seves on Scott’s transition team advisory board.

But the Sarasota party chief has more than young blood going for him, adds Galvano, 44. “He’s put in the time and effort to seek this position. He’s been a great party leader locally and statewide, and he worked hard to make sure Rick Scott was successful.”

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