Webster Victory Proves Who The Real Tea Party Is

Photo; Orlando Sentinel

By Ron McCoy
West Orlando Tea Party

Let there be no mistake now that the election is over.  The Tea party movement spoke and Daniel Webster’s defeat of Alan Grayson and Florida TEA Party candidate Peg Dunmire proves once and for all who the real Tea Party is. 

NEWS FLASH:  It’s not the Florida TEA Party!! 

After several long months of attacks from liberals like Alan Grayson and the attempted high jacking of the tea party name, the real tea party movement once again proved that they are the real deal.  Alan Grayson could not prevail with his false attacks and only made those within the movement more determined than ever to remove him from office. 

Peg Dunmire obliterated any future hopes of running for political office because ‘we the people’ will remember her for selfish decisions during this campaign.  I want to applaud all of the local tea parties and their members for a job well done as we had to battle not only liberal candidates and false accusations, but an imposter TEA (political) Party. 

We had to spend countless hours educating voters about the difference between this political party Party and the tea party movement.  In the end, enough voters were not fooled and the net effect was simply an expensive attempt to highjack the tea party name which ultimately crashed and burned.    

It was apparent right after the primary that Daniel Webster was going to be the candidate supported by those in the tea party movement.  The hard work paid off and we are proud to have a patriot like Daniel Webster representing FL District 8.  He will be going to Washington to address the serious problems our country faces and we will full support his efforts.   The margin of his victory should be referendum on the values of the American people and nothing less. 

We understand that to right this country takes a tremendous amount of courage and sacrifice and we will support Daniel Webster in that he hears us.  We made our voices known and we, like him, understand Washington is broken.  We want a fighter for the American Dream that so many have fought for. 

We only ask that Daniel Webster fight for American values and we will ask for nothing more.  If Daniel Webster can go to Washington and lobby for ‘we the people’, he has the support of all of us and we are behind him.  I hope Congressman Webster reaches out to us in the tea party to preserve what we all fight so hard for……our kids and the Dream.  I believe he will.


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