Great Victory for Seminole Voters… But Save Your "Vote No" Signs



Six for Seminole PAC Press Release
November 4th

Contact: Grant Maloy, Chairman of Six For Seminole
Phone: 407-671-6305 Work


Great Victory for Seminole Voters… But Save Your “Vote No” Signs… The Politicians Will Be Back


“Seminole County voters had a great victory in the defeat of the new sales tax”, said Six For Seminole Chairman Grant Maloy.  “It shows that average voters like us still have a powerful voice”.

The battle against this tax increase was huge.  The pro tax increase PAC, Quality Schools for Seminole,  out raised Six For Seminole $8 to $1 as of the last report.  The majority of the tax increase money came from special interest outside of the county.  The Seminole County Public Schools also spent thousands more of our tax dollars in robo phone calls and staff time to promote the tax increase.

Recent news coverage showed the pro tax PAC was using dishonest information in their campaign and the Seminole Schools also allowed the pro tax PAC to use public property to display signs.

Maloy went on to say, “This was a great victory for the people, but keep your “Vote No” yard signs, because politicians never like to see a temporary tax end.  You can bet they will be back to try again to raise the sales tax and take more of our money.”

Six For Seminole plans to remain active in case the politicians try again to increase the sales tax in Seminole County.



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