The Stalinist and Daniel Webster

graysonwBy Steve Pickering

Came across ‘The Stalinist and Daniel Webster’ in Canada Free Press, posted on Sunday, October 31st. Written by Dr. Norman Berdichevsky, an author and professor who grew up in the same neighborhood as Alan Grayson, the article gives a detailed and accurate description of Grayson’s environment during his early years.

Dr. Berdichevsky particularly disputes Alan’s claim that he grew up ‘in the projects,’ along with other pleas of poverty in his biography.  This article has a lot of detail, much of it new information.  It puts much of Alan’s bragging in stark perspective.

This article is worth a read, and especially useful for giving to someone who may still be on the fence about the 8th District race.

Dr. Berdichevsky is a resident of District 8, and voted early for Dan Webster.

Here is the shortened link:


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