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Central Florida, Republicans Will Decide Who Sits In The Governor's Seat

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By Tom Tillison
Orlando Political Press

With Republicans set to make significant strides tomorrow here in Florida, with all other state cabinet level candidates comfortably ahead in the polls, the governor’s race is still very much in play. 

Why is that?

According to a just released Sunshine State News poll, six percent of Republican respondents said they favor one of the minor-party or unaligned gubernatorial candidates.  And, from an earlier poll, Scott is only pulling 75% support from Republicans, which is a 10 percent decline from the level of support enjoyed by Charlie Crist and Jeb Bush in previous elections.

Additionally, it seems Central Florida is swinging toward Sink, who now leads in the region by a 50-45 margin, which is a reversal from a 44-42 narrow Scott lead in early September.

For those conservatives who are still sitting on the fence in this race, or, even worse, considering a vote for Alex Sink, here’s a few things you should consider.  First, statistics show that a sitting Governor of the same denomination as a presidential candidate gives that candidate a 2% advantage at the ballot box.  What this means is that a vote for Sink is a vote for Obama in 2012.

Florida will play a pivotal role in the selection of our next President, just as it always does.  Are you comfortable giving Obama a 2% advantage in a race that is expected to be very much up for grabs?  Repealing ObamaCare completely will only happen if there’s a Republican in the White House in 2012.

Additionally, as Governor, Alex Sink will be in a position to raise millions of dollars toward Obama’s re-election.

There’s also four additional congressional seats for Florida that are at risk.  Based on the 2010 Census results, Florida is set to gain these four seats, however, the Governor has veto privileges over redrawn congressional districts.

It will certainly be a bittersweet day for conservatives, except for those who hail from the backrooms of Tallahassee, if tomorrow’s victories do not include Rick Scott for Governor.  And, according to the polls, we’ll only need to look within our own ranks for the reason why…

We have met the enemy and it is us…?

Tom Tillison


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