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Eight GOP Senators Vote To Keep Earmarks

For those who thought November solved our problems, that’s little more than wishful thinking.

In addition to this betrayal on earmarks, the House GOP leadership just announced plans to keep the more popular provisions of ObamaCare in any Republican alternative.

No one is asking, but my advice to the tea party movement is to start developing plans for the next step once the Republican Party let’s the American people down…it’s no longer a question of if, it’s only a matter of when.

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Too Much Money, Too Many Buckets

By Ed Braddy
American Dream Coalition

In Osceola County, commissioners are trying to close a $2.8 million dollar budget deficit and the county manager wants to cut $650,000 from fire rescue.

Yet these same hand-wringers recently spent $9.2 million to purchase 370 acres for land conservation.

Gotta keep that land out of the hands of greedy developers, right?

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Voters Continue to Have Strongly Negative Views of Congress

Most voters continue to give this Congress poor marks in its closing days, and they still don’t believe the national legislature has passed anything to significantly improve life in America.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey of Likely Voters shows that just 11% give the current Congress good or excellent marks. Sixty percent (60%) say Congress is doing a poor job.

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Just Another WikiLeak On An Already Sinking Ship

This has not been a good month for the Obama Doctrine:

The President came home empty-handed from Asia, North Korea fired artillery at South Korea just days after revealing nuclear facilities no one knew they had, and Obama failed to get the G-20 to take any action limiting trade imbalances.

It was not supposed to be this way. After apologizing for all of our nation’s sins, the world was supposed to swoon at President Obama’s unparalleled charisma.

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“This Is Why The American People Have Thrown You Out Of Power.”

Republican Rep. Steve Buyer goes off on acting House Speaker Rep. Laura Richardson (D) over the power games she was playing by refusing to recognize him to speak even though there was no one else there to object to him being recognized.

As she continued to deny him the right to speak, Buyer then said, “This is why the American People have thrown you out of power.”

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Cyber Sales Has Lawmakers Seeing Red

We hear a lot lately about how lean Florida government is and anytime there’s talk of cutting expenses, the focus shifts immediately to teachers and education. This is little more than a sham designed to force taxpayers to feel the effects of any sacrifices, thereby, teaching us a valuable lesson for having the audacity to expect cutbacks in government.

Funny how we never seem to have the money to pay our teachers…but if you’re interested in a shiny new train, step right this way!

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Citing Deficit, Obama Freezing Federal Worker Pay

Considering federal workers average almost double what the private sector makes, this is a long overdue move.

However, just as we saw with ‘Blue Dog’ Democrats, the Progressive left is now throwing federal workers under the bus. After two years of spending like drunken sailors, with all due apologies to drunken sailors, Obama looks first to these employees to take the hit.

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Serious Questions About The Obama Administration's Incompetence In The Wikileaks Fiasco

We are at war.

American soldiers are in Afghanistan fighting to protect our freedoms. They are serious about keeping America safe.

It would be great if they could count on their government being equally serious about that vital task.

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Boehner to Host Summit Meeting with New GOP Governors

  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  November 29, 2010 CONTACT: Michael Steel, Kevin Smith  (202) 225-4000   PERMALINK   Boehner to Host Summit Meeting with New GOP Governors New House Majority […]

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The Definition of Party Unity?

By Kristi Dunn

At a time when so many within both parties are disenfranchised and ready for another option, perhaps demanding loyalty to a party is short sighted.

It is because of these types of demands that so many organizations and groups have sprung up. From the Tea Parties and 912 groups to the Republican Liberty Caucus and Campaign for Liberty, these groups are now standing for what the Republican Party was always supposed to be: The Party that represented small, limited, Constitutional Government, less taxes, a strong national defense, and State and National Sovereignty.

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They're Back!

In addition to a bill being voted on today that will give the federal government unprecedented control over our food supply, Harry Reid has also stated that he will make a push to pass the Dream Act, better known as Amnesty-Lite.

Add to this a vote on the Bush Tax Cuts and a temporary spending bill and we can only hope that America can survive the next few weeks!

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In 'The War On Christmas,' Christmas Is Winning

Editor’s Note – Before you begin celebrating, you may want to consider that this ‘victory’ does not appear to extend beyond the retail world.

In the our public schools, the battle still rages.

Here locally, as reported on WESH 2, Heathrow Elementary has banned just about everything associated with Christmas.

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