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Democrat Party Offering Free Meal For Vote In Orlando

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By Tom Tillison
Orlando Political Press

On Saturday, at a polling location near downtown Orlando, the Democrat Party ground game was out in force.  The goal was simple, cast your ballot for the Democrat ticket.

For voters who have not been paying attention and are unsure of who to vote for, the team was handing out sample ballots that already have the selections made.  No need to think, just do what you’re told.  To help orchestrate the effort, bullhorns were used to give directions and control the process.

And, for those who followed directions well and accomplished the assigned task, a hearty meal was the reward.  Yes, free food!  Nothing motivates the electorate like a free meal.

Is any of this legal?  Apparently, just as in Washington, D.C., the Democrats make up the rules as they go along.  After all, who’s going to dare to intervene with the right to vote, particularly when it involves minorities.  Eric Holder’s Justice Dept. takes voter suppression very seriously, unless, of course, your a white voter.

Yesterday’s chaos included several shouting matches with poll workers, who tried in vain to enforce the rules.  One of which is that there can be no campaign activity within 100 ft. of the polling location.

As one observer noted, “yes, my particular location today was quite the amusement. The polling supervisor was verbally abused a number of times, certain candidate supporters were in and out of that 100 foot boundary like nobody’s business,  a group with megaphones was marching up to the voter line, and there was even free food if you voted. And that was all before 12:00 noon!  No shame in their game.”

Don’t expect the complicit media to engage here, as this falls under the ‘ends justifies the means’ rally cry of the left.

If we, the people are really serious about taking back America, the all out assault on the integrity of the voting process must be addressed, as does the media’s role in this country.  Too often, the media is not only complicit with the left, but are active participants in advancing it’s agenda.  This is a clear and present danger to the governance of the United States of America.

As for the corruption at the polls, it’s a running joke in this country.  National figures such as Bill O’Reilly lampoon that you’re crazy if you expect to get fair and honest results in places like Chicago and Kings County, Washington.  And everyone accepts that!

Just as I marvel when I think about ACORN, and the never ending flow of taxpayer dollars between the trade unions and the Democrat Party,  where’s the leadership of the Republican Party?  Keep in mind, it was a private citizen that finally exposed ACORN for what it was.  Are there any conservative leaders in this country willing to take on real problems?  The jury’s still out on that one…

Tom Tillison


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