Video; Alan Grayson Holds Rally Today At Union Hall

By Tom Tillison
Orlando Political Press

Alan Grayson is holding a ‘Get Out The Vote’ rally this morning at IBEW Local 606, 820 Virginia Dr.  That location may ring familiar with the residents of district 8 – it was the exact location where Grayson held a “town hall” during the healthcare reform battle.

How very appropriate that this location is chosen.  It serves as an open reminder of the lack of integrity on display that day by Grayson and brings to the surface the emotions felt by all as he made a complete mockery of the event.  As you will see in the video below, people were outraged.  

As one of the very few conservatives that were able to get in that day, only 31 were allowed in as the other 95 chairs were pre-seated, I certainly remember sitting there, my blood boiling as I listened to Grayson play fast and loose with the truth. 

I remember Grayson brought his three small children into this environment, shamelessly using them as a shield against the angst of the folks.  I remember Grayson’s condescending arrogance as he mocked the hundreds who were still outside chanting in protest.  I remember the union goons strategically placed inside glaring at anyone who dared ask a tough question.

Yes, how so very appropriate that you remind district 8 voters of this just three days out from the election, Mr. Grayson…



Tom Tillison


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