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Poll: Crist Slumping Toward Third Place In Senate Race


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Poll: Crist Slumping Toward Third Place In Senate Race

By Kenric Ward
Sunshine State News

According to Sunshine State News’ nightly tracking poll, in the U.S. Senate race independent Charlie Crist has lost 2 percentage points since the surveys began Oct. 13. Meanwhile, Republican Marco Rubio has padded his lead by 4 points and Democrat Kendrick Meek has picked up a point.

Crist calls himself an “optimist,” but his sunny disposition is being tested as never before.charlie-crist-marco-rubio-kendrick-meek-senate-race

With Rubio running away with the race — he holds a 47-27 lead over Crist — the only real contest to be decided is who will finish in second place.

The race for silver is getting tighter by the day, with Meek edging up and Crist falling back. On Oct. 13, Crist led Meek 29-22. Now his margin has shrunk to 27-23.

Some of that decline may be attributable to Crist’s lackluster showing in the televised debates, where he has been hammered from both right and left by Rubio and Meek.

In the final debate this week, NBC News’ David Gregory, serving as moderator, zeroed in on Crist’s shifting stands on issues ranging from abortion to gay adoptions to Social Security.

Crist’s slump in the polls also coincides with voters’ historic tendency to gravitate back to Democratic and Republican roots as Election Day draws near.

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